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Mariapia Malerba tunics are made of lightweight 100% silk .
This fluid tunic-style is designed for a unique woman that loves art and is conscious of the time (in which) we are living. 
The silhouettes are loose, soft and flowing, perfect to enhance everyone’s figure, season-less and age-less.
The slightly longer length makes it easy to dress for day and night, you can style it with or without pants or tights while the two long slits on each side give you a sexy look.  The shorter tunic has dolmen sleeves and are cozy and sensual.



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  • Fabric is but what the loom produces: small waves of thread, a surface, a new skin. Of course, fabric is more than skin-deep. In this series, MariaPia Malerba engages in a dialogue between strength and fragility, solidity of form against ephemeral delicacy. Her work is a suspended, impossible, loose balance, an orcama in her native dialect. This visual dialogue takes place on precious, yet sustainable, manufactured silk. The garments are beautiful, but this is a beauty that lives in layers, beneath distressing truths, insights, identities, beneath and between the natural and the industrial. All this while the wearer experiences the tactile sensuality of silk against the skin. Malerba’s work opens a door for us, leaving it slightly ajar, where light floods through the narrowest of gaps and we see ourselves.

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