Being an artist and observing the world we live in, I decided to do a collection of gowns using materials we use everyday that one would never think of using in the world of couture fashion.  They are made of paper, trash bags, plastic spoons, foam, string… I tried to find a new kind of  beauty, harmony and ultimately artistic freedom through using what we consider "ordinary materials" …  I merged art and fashion, new and old, thinking about the past through deconstructing crinoline  and fusing it with the future looking through clear vinyl windows to see to the core that is timeless, the human form.  My inspiration is nature in all its beauty, using 1500 hand cut paper butterflies on one gown, another dragonflies, another flowers, as well as images of Pegasus and the Phoenix. They are couture gowns that are wearable sculptures to be shown on a runway, and eventually each one as the centerpiece of its own art installation.

© 2019 Mariapia Malerba

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