Koi at the  Sun Peaks Center for Art and Sustainability integrate all five elements of Sustainability: koi, water, solar energy, gardens and art/design.


In this particular project, I wanted to create a connection with the deepest part of a human being to nature itself.  In the beginning, one of the first living things to evolve came out of the water; the first species of animal was in effect, a fish.  And of course, after that, the human being evolved. In this project I wanted to create a dress that would reflect that, and since the Koi are such an important element here at Sun Peaks, it was natural that I choose Koi.  


I learned that there is quite a lot of information about the mythology and symbolism of these beautiful fish.  They represent the power to overcome obstacles, to transform and transcend difficulties in life, and to attain worldly aspirations.  I thought about how appropriate that is in regard to issues of the environment and sustainability.

© 2019 Mariapia Malerba

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