Oniria is a Sanskrit word describing the character of the one who can preside over dreams and render dreaming into fantastic visits to the place of the first creation.


My love for water since childhood and the profound impact the sea had on me, was the preparation for this project where immersion, takes on a whole new meaning as I interact not only with water but with the history of water in the life process.

I made the swimming gown, from recycled materials, to provide a dramatic time line for the immersion from a present time where life is fragile and endangered to a distant past when the sea was the cradle of all life.

I make direct contact with my own story, when I was a fish longing to step on the land, eager to crawl, determined to walk evolving to march upright to conquer the world.

I came back to swim again and reconnect with the mother of all life, with the nature of my origins in the water where the dream of life met the medium that made the dream come true.

© 2019 Mariapia Malerba

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