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It is said that the most enduring creative influences are adopted early in life and come from the direct contact with someone immersed in the act of creation,as if it is no more than a natural extension of their daily lives.

My creative influence comes from my grandmother while growing up as a child in Salento, a town in southern Italy.  I would spend hours watching her weave on an old weaving loom, fascinated by the sound of the loom shuttle going back and forth, creating fabric at the rhythm of its own sound.  I may add that sawing and weaving has been an integral part of women’s culture in the south of Italy for centuries.

I have come to realize now, that as I sat there watching the fabric emerge from the loom, I was experiencing an event that would mark my future direction as an artist.  My grandmother was not only weaving thread, but was also weaving into the fabric her experience,her culture,and the love for her family in a creative act that can only be called art.

Kali, fashion installation art, recycled materials


Alice in Wonderland, fashion installation art, recycled materials, plastic


On the way, fashion installation art, recycled materials, paper, plastic, foam, plaxiglass


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